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Paid Social Media Advertising 

When you post content consistently to social media platforms, consumers, and search engines take note. An improved presence on social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn helps drive sales leads while increasing brand identity at the same time.


Social Up Media provides all the tools your business needs for you to get noticed through paid social media advertising. We eliminate the challenges and daily headaches of posting content, building ads, targeting and monitoring campaigns to give you more focus for growing your business. With just a few preliminary questions, we can take the reins of your Facebook, Instagram and other accounts to grow them into productive digital marketing tools.

Flexibility and Precision  

Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn Ads allow for granular targeting to a large audience and considerable flexibility in how that audience is reached. With the right social media marketing approach, you can establish your company as a trusted resource both online and off while also generating inbound sales leads.


The core of our paid social media strategy is designed to drive your message to a receptive audience. Targeting can include many factors, and your target audience can grow over time. An added benefit is that paid social media ads help with generating inbound sales leads and inbound links to your website which can enhance your brand recognition and search engine ranking potential.

Paid Social Campaign Analysis  

The first step we recommend for paid social management campaigns is to establish user trust in the brand. Brand recognition can best be achieved through an Engagement Campaign to start. This type of campaign has a low cost per result with the objective of getting the advertisement in front of as many potential customers as possible.


Next, to focus on driving customers to the site, we recommend a Traffic Campaign. This allows the promotion of multiple ads and products at once where the best performing ads will be shown first. Pixel tracking information is installed onto the site at the start of the campaign so that users can be retargeted down the line. The pixel adapts and absorbs data overtime, benefitting the campaign greatly by recognizing the type of audience you are trying target.  


Further down the sales funnel, this campaign can be shifted to a Conversion or Lead Generation Campaign where cost per result is based on actions like purchases, sign ups, or downloads. With Lead Generation Campaigns, these actions can even be fulfilled within a form on the ad themselves, without forcing the user to visit the site.

Paid Social Campaign Breakdown 

Engagement Campaign

Engagement and reach campaigns are great for companies that do not have an online presence, or companies that are just starting out. They are an inexpensive way to increase brand awareness and to get your potential customers familiar with your business. With the cost per result being lower for this campaign, you can capture a larger audience.


Traffic Campaign

Driving more people to your website isn’t only great for SEO, but it also generates higher quality leads. When a user visits your website from an ad and then fills out a contact form, that contact form submission is more likely to convert into a sale. Traffic campaigns also give us the opportunity to retarget website visitors who did not convert into a sale initially.


Conversion Campaign 

Conversion campaigns are ideal for established accounts and businesses that use ecommerce. They help increase conversions by targeting individuals most likely to contact you or complete a purchase. Conversion campaigns typically require website data to properly convert so we recommend them as the next step after running a successful traffic campaign for a sustainable amount of time.

Lead Generation Campaign

Lead generation campaigns are produced and captured through a lead form. This enables strong conversion rates with the sales lead being delivered to you in real time without the customer ever having to leave the platform. All sales leads will be archived for later use which assists in retargeting efforts for future offerings that your company may develop. You will also be able to store contact information for e-blasts and databases.  

Free Paid Social Ads Analysis 

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